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Welcome to the South Australian Masters Cycling Association

The SAMCA is the governing body for masters cycling in SA and it consists of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Public Officer and 2 delegates from each of the 3 member clubs - Adelaide Hills Masters Cycling Club (AMVCC), Southern Districts Veterans and Ladies Cycling Club (SDVLCC) and the Veterans and Ladies Cycling Club (VLCC). There are currently in excess of 450 members over the three SA masters clubs.

The SAMCA administers and promotes masters cycling in this state and is affiliated to the Australian Veteran Cycling Council (AVCC). The masters cycling category is open to females over 30 years and males over 35 in the year of membership.

There is also a "Come and Try" program for anyone new to the sport of competitive cyling for masters.  The Come and Try program provides you with insurance whilst you are racing, as well as 15 minutes before and after your event is held.  You are allowed to participate in two come and try events with a club before you will be required to take out Club Membership and an AVCC Racing Licence.  For more information, go to the Club's website where you think you would like to take up this option.

If you are interested in joining please contact your local club for more information (refer links below). 

Open Events held at Outer Harbour (message from the President)

Brenton Thain and I recently discussed the difficulties encountered at the VLCC Opens on April 22 and June 03 with trains disrupting both events.
It was agreed that if the train problem could not be alleviated VLCC would cease to use this course for Open races.
He plans to approach the rail authority with a view to negotiating a “window” which would allow an uninterrupted race.
Failing this Brenton has advised SAMCA that VLCC will have to source another Open race venue.

On another matter an issue arose with SAPOL on June 03 at the same venue. An ambulance was called to attend to a fallen rider prior to race start. SAPOL was advised by emergency services and the officer in attendance emphasised the following:

. the second rider who was uninjured should not have left the scene (even though he was asked by the injured party to ride to the race start to advise her partner)
. while the officer was present the race commenced and he noted that riders were passing the emergency vehicles ( flashing lights) faster than the legislated 25kph
. in the case of a road accident involving injuries, parties must report details to SAPOL within 90 minutes

David Degenhardt

TDU Legends Dinner ticket giveaway

Here's some exciting news for SAMCA cyclists. Robert Freak will be donating one ticket to the 2019 Legends Dinner being held in conjunction with the 2019 TDU. Anyone who has attended one of these dinners will know how fantastic they are, brushing with the worlds best cycling names.
How do you qualify for the prize? Easy, just get yourself into the top 16 riders in the SAMCA consistency points table. One lucky rider will be draw from this list.

So if that isn't incentive to win points, I don't know what is!



For those who were not there at the last presentation, the SAMCA President David Degenhardt had a few important words to say. Please take the time to have a read.


Pesident's note - Please read